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Biobased product protection, liquid concentrate



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CuraVia™ is a multifunctional preservation booster with skin conditioning properties. It can be used to reduce levels of traditional preservatives, or as an alternative to traditional preservatives to enable preservative-free claims for cosmetic products.

Authorized Countries: United States

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Features, details and benefits

Product Overview

INCI Water (and) Glycerin (and) Aseptilase*

*Proposed INCI

Product Specifications

Form: water soluble liquid

Odor: none

Use level: 0.5-1.0%*

* Results may vary based on customer's unique formulation. Curie Co recommends conducting your own challenge studies.

Features & Benefits

Effective against Gram positive bacteria, Gram negative bacteria, yeast, and mold

Fermentation-derived, Natural origin index 0.99

Effective pH range 5.5-8.5

Non-irritant, skin and eye

Fast-acting, gentle, water soluble formula

Compatible with traditional preservatives

Vegan Suitable

Reduce reliance on rheology-altering chemical preservatives


Ideal for rinse-off products and wipes. Exceptional results have been observed in cleansers.

CuraVia™ rapidly reduces microbial contaminants

A pooled culture of 106 CFU (E. coli, P. aeruginosa, and S. aureus) treated with 0.5% CuraVia eliminates 106 CFU in less than an hour.

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